We use game mechanics, a technique for assessing a psychotype at 360 °, we select the best of the best
We'll find and adapt managers with the necessary competencies and a guarantee for your business
We explore your business objectives, make a portrait of the ideal candidate and create a tasty position
We squeeze the maximum out of the search sources and select worthy candidates according to the results of the test task
We determine motivation and examine personal goals of candidates to be in compliance with the selection criteria
We model business situations, test communicative skills through game techniques and examine the behavior in non-standard conditions
We draw up a competency map, based on the feedback from a psychologist, manager and HR specialist. In addition, we evaluate candidates using the 360° methodology
We analyze the results of all selection stages and select the best of the best
We hold personal meetings with selected candidates, confirm their professional skills and conduct control tests
We generate profiles for 3-5 suitable candidates with the rating and our recommendations for employment
We provide a recruitment roadmap
We find a replacement for force majeure
We facilitate the quick adaptation of the candidate
How it works?
You meet with the candidates and make your choice
Why is our service the most effective method for selecting and adapting managers?
Maximum precision
We use multi-level selection,
game techniques and latest
assessment models of the candidates
The optimal format for your participation
The balance between taking part and involvement in the selection process
Quick adaptation
We work out a roadmap for the job
placement together with you and involve the candidate into the business
Replacement warranty
If something goes wrong, which is so unlikely, we will select a new candidate
Send your application
and we'll contact you in a convenient way
How to contact?
Let's create together a portrait of your ideal manager
We are the team with practical experience in managing and hiring executives
Sergey Dmitriev
Project Ideologist
Professional Manager since 1993.
Expert in management, selection and adaptation of personnel. Author of practical management courses.
Consultant on strategic management and corporate governance.
Andrey Lupachev
Project Partner
Consultant on business planning and change management. 10 years of experience in organizational, industrial, analytical and scientific activities. MBA. PhD in Technical Sciences.
Anna Konoplitskaya
Project Partner
Expert on the creation of sales presentations, semantic packaging of training programs and the creation of corporate knowledge bases.
We were hired, we hired as well and achieved our goals in large-scale projects
Like Center
Sergey Dmitriev projected the Management Company of the Entrepreneurship Center.
The current tracker of the premium program – "Million with a guarantee"
SMIT-Yartsevo LLC
Andrey Lupachev developed the company's business plans and optimized business processes.
He organized the company's compliance with the requirements of Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Rosatom
Sergey Dmitriev was managing FMCG consulting projects with the suppliers of federal networks
Sergey Dmitriev was consulting Moscow authorities on the launch of the Technopark "Business Technograd"
Sergey Dmitriev was a Chief Strategy Officer of the CIS largest door manufacturer
Sergey Dmitriev managed a large regional distribution company of deep freezing and mild cold products
We understand the problems of selecting managers and help you find the right person
We'll find and adapt managers with the necessary competencies and a guarantee for your business
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